– Art Director and Visual Designer

About Lisa Liljenberg, CV and contact

This page tells you about Lisa Liljenberg and includes a resume and contact form for collaboration. 


I’m an Art Director and Visual Designer who’s passionate about concept development, storytelling and visual design. I constantly seek opportunities to interact with other creatives in environments of storytelling and imagination. For me the best part is to achieve high quality results through strategic work and insightful design, with the goal to empathise the audience and bring them an experience above the ordinary.

I’m West coast born, pescetarian, student, Netflixer, Disney-lover, detail-maniac, foodie, big fan of sustainability, brainstormer, team builder, dreamer and an empathic and insightful learner... I adore cilantro on my food and movies on a cinema screen. 

What you see on this website is my personal process and development within my field. Perhaps we can work together?




Berghs School of Communication, Communication Design                                                       2016/08 – 2018-06

A two-year visual communication program focusing on concept development, strategic design and visual communication. Many projects are customer oriented and courses and challenges have a creative focus on graphic design, motion design, packaging design and digital design to prepare for a future in visually creative roles.


Jury member, Swedish Design Awards, Stockholm/Gothenburg 2018/07 – ongoing
Communication Designer (Internship),
Oscar Properties, Stockholm 2017/12
Communication Designer/Editor (Internship),
The Forumist, Stockholm 2017/05
Creative Director, Global Model Scouting, Stockholm                                                           2013/12 – 2016/07
Head of Art Department,
Modellink AB, Gothenburg                                                             2011/10 – 2013/03
Photographer, The Studio
, Gothenburg 2009/07 – 2011/05


Student Representative - Jury of the Swedish Design Awards 2018 2018/07
Gold (Branding) - Indigo Awards Tokyo 2018/05
Bronse cube (Art Direction Club) - One Show Young Ones New York 2018/05
Winner (Best Design) - Student lab at Berghs with Arboga Trafikskola for Musikhjälpen 2018/01
Third place (Best Sustainable Concept) - Arla Packaging Challenge 2017/11
Winner (Best Concept) - Student Lab at Berghs with the Postkodlotteriet 2017/09
Winner (Best Campaign) - Clear Channel, City Bikes  Live in Stockholm 2017/04-2017/10