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Freelance Art Director/Visual Designer
Cooperations/Clients such as KICKS, MindClub, Unite 2 Leards, Caroline Roxy, Svenska Designpriset mfl.

Jury Member
Svenska Designpriset 2018

Communication Designer
Oscar Properties

Communication Designer
The Forumist

Creative Director
GMS - Global Model Scouting

Head of Art Department

The Studio


Art Director and
Visual Designer

I believe in imaginative ideas and that inspiration and communication is everywhere. This is what got me into Art Direction and Visual Design. I’m simply intrigued by communication design.

My goal is to be a collaborator and an innovator, pushing concepts to the right tonality and the visual elements that’s capturing the brand and empathizing the audience. With a great eye for details, always visualizing and designing my ideas, I’m passionate about working with photography/film, graphic design and storytelling.

As an Art Director, I’m strategic, innovative and detail oriented, strong within conceptual thinking and a great understanding of projects and what’s worth pushing. As a Designer, I'm passionate about visualizing and producing my ideas. Design intrigues me and fires both my energy and curiosity and I’m dedicated to developing within this field and it’s what drives my career decisions.