#ARLACARES – Sustainability Concept

Packaging design challenge and concept for Arla by Lisa Liljenberg and Lisa Bergström. #Arlacares


 — Third place out of ten teams as "Best Sustainable Concept" to be presented for the board —

Produced with Lisa Bergström for Arla and Billerud Korsnäs
at Berghs School of Communication


"Creating the future of dairy to bring health and inspiration to the world, naturally..." That is the vision of Arla. 

Our challenge was to create and present a design concept, involving a packaging solution with an integrated digital layer. #ARLACARES is a concept that collects and highlight all of Arla's work within health, social resonsibility, reduced environmental impact and ongoing projects in developing countries under one name. It inudes the target group and shows that company and consumer cares and makes change together.


Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Tonality Generator

Tonality Generator


Our concept was awarded third place out of ten teams with the motivation: "We like the whole idea of the role that the brand can take in our society. Arla makes an impact both locally and globally. Arla takes a clear and long-term responsibility. Digitally we think there is a great benefit in going through a well-used platform to create engagement. It is more a strong communication concept for the Arla brand than for the product. The group has captured Arla's DNA."


Berghs "Här är lösningarna som tog studenterna till Arlas ledning"