This year I was granted the opportunity to be a part of the jury of the Swedish Design Awards (Svenska Designpriset). They decided for the first time to include a student in the process and they made it possible for students around Sweden to apply for the chance to be a part of it. Of course I sent an application – this I couldn’t miss! – and I was so happy when I got the email that the jury wanted me to be a part of this years work.

In August I went to Gothenburg to sit down with the jury and discuss this years design contributions. After two long days we had made it through and landed in 232 nominations. Step two was to let the people send in their votes and this year the competition had a record in participations; 72 873 votes!

We, the jury, ranked our favourites and the votes were counted. And here are the results.


One week ago, Thursday October 25’th was the big night of the event. Almost 500 people were invited and it was a wonderful atmosphere with plenty of energy. 26 golds and 23 silvers were fetched by talented creative teams and the night ended with a wonderful concert by the oh so FABULOUS Loreen.

I was honoured to announce the award of this years Daredevil (Årets Våghals) which were given to Mr. Lac, a restaurant concept above what we are used to see here in Sweden, made by DQ - Depero Quadrigea.


Overall, it was a memorable night and a valuable job to be a part. To be able to sit down with people who’ve been working in the business for 10-40 years and discuss design and its values. I strongly recommend students to apply next year – it’s so rewarding and fun!

Pictures from the event, by Knut Kolvisto and Thomas Holmqvist.

Below, my favourite cases!