I have decided that I wanted to make a throwback from my two years at Berghs, simply for fun and to see the development I've made over the years! 

Starting out with the very first term, HT16 – when everything was new and a little scary. I didn't know yet what or where my talent/focus/drive were, but I knew I was passionate about learning as much as possible!

Here are some selected cases!💜

Our very first project was to create any optional visual communication about any optional subject (yikes!) that we had in common with a classmate.
I worked with Sukena Tran and we quickly realised our shared values for female body ideals and HBTQ issues and so we made this campaign idea and mood film for H&M where we used popular drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race to embody the campaign 💋

We then had our first Typography course where I went totally outside my comfort zone and worked with colours and bold typography and made this colourful coffee table magazine.

The challenge was to make one printed piece by using two texts; "The Crystal Goblet" – by Beatrice Warde (1932) and "Fuck Content" – by Michael Rock (2009).

OBS. All images is ©Copyright to the talented Vanessa Mckeown. I absolutely adore her goofy and conspicuous photography and thought it went well with the context. This project was so much fun! ✌🏼

We got to meet Google (!!!) and learn about how they work with material design. We got the challenge to select a sentance from their design guide and create visual communication about it. Together with Caroline Hotti I made my very first After Effects animation (bare with me that it's not perfect!) based on the sentence "When Split, Material Can Heal". 
We had so much fun putting our laptops away and just focusing on scissors and glue and to get pieces of magazines together into this pretty portrait ✂️💜

The class got its first identity task with the hypothetical client Spotify. I got to work with Alvin Marelius and we found out that we both have a past of being totally into some sort of foreign music and language. For him it was a strange and interesting instrument from India and for me it was Japanese Rock. So we created a new logo and made the campaign "Spotify Explore". Here we wanted to introduce the listeners for a wider range of global music and language! 🌍🎶


Last but not least. Sustainability is a dear dear subject of mine and I was so happy that our last project for the term was a challenge for SEI (Stockholm Environmental Institute) who came to Berghs with a brief based on the UN 12'th global goals "Sustainable consumption and production". 💚

My group had the focus area of food, and chose to highlight the benefits of insect protein and how it could positively impact both production and consumption of protein and its effects on the environment. We made a bar from Nike to influence people to accept this protein source. It was an amazingly fun project and I was soooo proud over the result. (I still love this idea, although I believe the case study and visuals would have looked a little different if I would do it today.🙈)

It feels great to look through these old cases and see how much has happened since I began my journey at Berghs. I'm both impressed by the ideas and the level of creativity we had so early in the education. I mean, for most of these cases we only had two-four days to make everything from idea to design to presentation, so it's understandable (for me at least) that the design or editing might not be top notch. But it's fun to see. It's fun to remember and look back! 

Soon we will take a look at Spring 2017!