Here we go again! It's time for a look back at the autumn of 2017 at Berghs. It was an amazing term with two long projects focusing on strategic design, which proved to be something I appreciated a lot. This semester I was more aware of what I thought was fun and what I felt I wanted to develop more within, so I had a very positive attitude to the projects! ☀️

Our first project was for the client Youbico. I got to work with Jesper and Alvin and we developed the concept "Protect what matters to you". Primarily I like this insight, but I also appreciate the idea of etting something as simple as a thumbprint lay the foundation for a visual identity. 👍🏼 


Then we got to work with the Arla Foods 🐮 Me and Lisa Berström created the concept #ARLACARES, which collects all of Arlas work in health, social responsibility, reduced environmental impact and ongoing projects in developing countries under one name. We were awarded a third place and go to introduce our concept to the Arla management. I'm super proud of the result and also that we found a smart solution to digital implementation in the packaging that feels up to date 🌍💚


Finally in December I signed up to attend a two-day workshop for Musikhjälpen ❣️ The business that offered the highest bid for a collaboration with Bergh's students were Arboga Trafikskola and we were commissioned one day to develop a new visual identity for them and provide ideas on how to bring in new customers, and present it the following day. Our idea won "Best Design", which felt amazingly fun given the very short time! But best of all was the pride that us students + the client's offer landed on a 150,000 SEK in contribution to Musikhjälpen in the fight to protect / help children from sexual exploitation.


This term flew by so fast. I learned a lot within strategic design, visual identities and concept development. It laid a great foundation for the spring. Hard to imagine there was only one semester left but I was so excited about it since I had heard that the last term is the best...  Stay tuned! 😍