And the recap continues! Here are some selected cases from the spring of 2017, my second term at Berghs. This is when I started to feel a closer connection to the school and the subjects we had, but still I had no idea about how much I didn't know. In some cases I felt like I could take on the world, and the next day we could have a one day project that almost tore me apart. I learnt so much and made some projects I'm still so incredible proud of  💜

It started off great with a challenge from Clear Channel who asked us to come up with a campaign idea for City Bikes. We had one week to do everything and come up with something to present for the judges. 18 teams took part in the challenge and my team won with our idea "214 Stories". The campaign was live in Stockholm May-Oct 2017!


Then we entered a longer design project where I worked with Dani Miltenberger on a brief from DandAD about making the hotel chain of Crowne Plaza more appealing for millennials. We made "The Connected Hotel", a sustainable and very digital hotel chain connected to LinkedIn. 📲

Then we had what became my favorite subject for the spring, "Editorial Design", where we got to make our very own  magazine. It was a layout task but I wanted to make a magazine I felt was missing on the magazine shelves (still does today!) and I therefore decided to also write the content of my 100-page mockup. This is one of the most ambitious projects I've done, but it was so fun and I'd love to make another issue! 😍

We had a busy schedule in May with deadlines for the above projects while we also produced an exhibition with the Design Gallery and Visit Sweden. Our exhibition #tomorrownightinsweden was based on creating own interpretations of what Swedish design might become in the future.

My interest in sustainability and fashion brought my thoughts to new materials. I then made a "leather bag" in paper and created a print on year rings to show that it takes time before we reach a technology that can design our Swedish resource paper into a sustainable and useful material for fashion and design. 🤞🏼


The first year really went by fast and I was so excited to come back to Berghs for another year. I had no idea what to expect but wow (!!!) the second year would come and go even faster than the first one... 💛