Last one, the final term at Berghs before graduation.

So much happened during these five months for me. I had so much fun, I developed a lot and I got to visit New York for the very first time in my life! For me, this was definately the best and most inspiring (fun) term during my two years at Berghs💕 

This entire semester was involving a project called YOU. It started off almost immediately when we got back with research about ourselves, our likes/drive/passions/interest and so on. We had inspiring lecturers, we got to work together and by our selves with various projects and it all had the mission to evolve a design case of our own choosing. I made an expansion idea for Counter Strike which is one of my most beloved oprojects from Berghs 💥

My goal was to create a game concept with more story and imagination that it has today – in order to include more female and non-binary players (something CS does not do today, research shows less than 4-7%).

The concept of "AI Destruction" takes place in the year 2220, where AI has taken over the world and the power and mankind lives in oppression. After decades, they have now developed weapons and formed troops ready to fight the AI o regain their freedom.

I wanted a game idea where exciting genderless main characters fights an enemy that is complex, but not too difficult to imagine. The result is a dramatic and distant future of our own world where people fight against the leading AI and the two begin to resemble each other more and more. (Note, this concept does not resemble HBO's Westworld, but I feel that AI is a very interesting and appealing topic today. In addition, this concept was released this spring before season 2 was released.)
Thank you very much for your inputs @ ea.dice @starstableonline @studioakademi @berghs @felegegends and to @joannalowenborg @malinfkare and @mikaelaasandstrom for all the help and support in this project! 👊🏼🖤


Also, I made an idea together with Lisa Berström and @madderichter on how Canadian insurance company @sonnetinsurance could address more millennials - through travels! Our research showed that over 80% of millennials prioritize travelling above investing in a new house or a car (the main focus of Sonnet Insurances). In that spirit, we created a concept where Sonnet picks up the customer in that moment of happy feelings and excigtement – when they're about to travel. Our idea was to integrate the insurance company with Uber in order so simplify the registration ✈️

Here's a case I'm very proud of! 💥 Disa Hein, Emelie Josefin and Mikaela Sandstrom are all amazing creators and we had so much fun developing this project and go to go to New York and receive our cube 🗽

It started with a course in motion design which we later on developed into a campaign, with a new product and rebranding for Rexona. The result is PACE, a unisex deodorant, for everyone. Because sweat is unisex and we saw several reasons to relocate Rexona from their gender-fixated pink products called "Sexy Bouquet" to an inclusive and modern brand! We did a new logo and product design, landing page and campaign film. With a node for sustainability and natural topics, we created a film with an edge, where genderless figures give life to a fantasy world through dance and movement!

This case was rewarded with a bronze cube in One Show ADC in New York, and gold in the Indigo Awards in Tokyo. Together with these three amazing girls, we crossed the Atlantic to receive our price. Something I will never forget 💕 There are no words for how proud I am to get such a goal on my journey at Bergh's School of Communication. ❤️ 


Lastly there was the graduation project where me and @linebomark @juliaemmylinnea @maginusson @jaengan and @filipsjovall developed brand strategy and visual guidelines for SF Kids. It was an exciting project where the results "När barnen får bestämma" became both entertaining and accurate. Listen to the manifesto read by Vincent, 5 years 🎈


Two years! Two eventful, scary, fun, impressive, stressful, beautiful and developing years. People often ask me if I appreciated my education and I always answer that I'm really happy and greatful for it. I have got so much more knowledge in graphic design, motion design and art direction. I am really looking forward to get into work life and get further development and to contribute to new ideas and designs! 😍