At the moment I'm in the middle of our creative and personal design project which is the last project we'll have before "Grad Show" at Berghs. This project is a part of the "YOU-course" (which I have been writing some about earlier) and this is now the final stage. After weeks of thinking, talking and writing stuff down about yourself we are in the final moment which is a design project of our own choosing – aiming towards a thought out target group, for ex. our dream job, our next boss-to-be, a business in general or similar...

For me, the path has been clear but still unknown. I know myself, but I didn't know for sure where I was going. The YOU-course has given me so much new to think about and to realise about myself. When it was time to choose project I realised that I had ended up somewhere totally different from what I thought in the beginning of the process. Yet, it felt so obvious! Gaming.

Not everyone knows this, but I have always had a soft spot for gaming. When I was a kid/teenager I took my opportunities to play CS or WoW with my brother, Mario Kart with my neighbours and the Sims (amongst many other games) by myself or with friends. I swore to myself  never to get a WoW-account – since I knew (pretty insightful for a girl by the age of 12) that it totally would ruin my concentration for school totally. I also promised myself never to buy a PlayStation... A promise I kept even when working extra (employment discount, hello!?) during the Christmas SALE at SIBA! How crazy is that?
SO, for 15 years now I have never let my gaming soul go all in crazy bananas on gaming. I have kept it safe and hidden, only exploding occasionally at dinners with friends which has ended up in front of the TV playing Tekken...

Tekken 7.jpg

I thought as a teenager I was going to become a fashion photographer. I started doing just that and ended up as a Creative Director at a start up in the fashion business. It lead to Berghs School of Communication where I was sure I'd end up in an in-house marketing devision, perhaps at Filippa K or some other fashion brand. I developed within graphic design, motion design and several other fields and it became more clear to me that I felt rather done with the fashion industry... But where to go? 
My ideal role (I have thought for many years now) is as a Creative Director (or Art Director). I want to manage the creative process and be a part of the brainstorming and concept development, which I have always loved. During Berghs I have also realised that this is where I'm at my best. So when it was time for YOU, I knew my goal was to become a Creative Director... but where? 

After some soul searching in this course I have found out that memories, moments, passions, dreams and goals through life has had one major thing in common. Something that has always been a huge part of me but been forgotten during years trying to make it in the fashion industry... 

I have always, ALWAYS, loved Disney. I have always loved and been devoured in the world of Harry Potter. I love movies/serier/books such as Avatar, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things etc. Pretty much anything including imagination and fantasy worlds...

I realised that I want a job where my imagination can GO WILD! 

In Oktober I had a meeting at DICE and this was a huge game-changer for me. Entering DICE office at Södermalm in Stockholm I was blown away about how creative the world of gaming actually is. I couldn't believe how I NEVER had realised that before!? Of course the game industry has to involve great creative processes... I mean, they practically make advanced animated movies. My head was spinning, how could I not have been thinking about this before? How could I have been locked up in thoughts about fashion and movies and NOT games? I mean, it's been there in front of me my whole life! With its epic stories and its great imagination! 

When deciding what to do in my final design project, it all came down to gaming. Because here I think I can go all in with my imagination, my skills for concept development and art direction. I like doing research about it. I think the business in general needs more women. I feel I have found something that both appeals to me and challenges me. 

I believe in imagination, fantasy, storytelling and creativity – and it all fits in in the world of gaming.


Stay tuned.