Today I had two classmates over to work on a brief for an international contest within communication. It was so much fun! I really enjoy this first part when you sit down together with lots of tea and snacks and simply go through process after process of brainstorming! 

We started of going through some research about the target group in the brief and narrowing it down to fun ideas. It didn't take long until one idea sprung out into more and our energy went from 100% through the roof! We picked it as a favourite to move forward with. Time is a limited resource in this project so we'll have to make quick decisions throughout the project. But that's good for us and developing to work with quick deadlines. 

We wrote down ideas, emotions, customer journey and crazy thoughts on about 250 post-it notes and put them all on the wall to get a clear view of our idea. It was so much fun and a true Stranger Things moment where we felt like three crazy girls staring on a wall of post its - trying to find the bigger meaning of it. 

Looking forward to keep this project going and see what we end up with!