I am absolutely over excited for December this year. Not just for Christmas and New Years, but for the entire moth of December! I'm looking forward to snow and long walks with layers and layers of clothes and thick, knitted mittens on. I love how Stockholm looks right now with lights everywhere and music outside of the stores making it all warm and cosy of Christmas-feelings. I also look forward to my internship at Oscar Properties, starting Monday and going on for 3 weeks. Then comes Christmas which I will be spending with my partner and his wonderful family. After that I'm excited for our second Christmas with my beloved family in Gothenburg. I look forward to a calm week on the westcoast, spending New Years with my family and food and candy instead of getting too many glasses of "Champagne" at a party. Then we're going home and I will have another entire week of just doing whatever I want, hopefully in a snowy Stockholm.

I'm looking forward to all the energy I will be able to collect during this winter preparing for the beginning of 2018 and my last term of studies at Berghs. I hope December will clear question marks in my head about the future and give me ideas and creativity into the new year... 

Today is the day before Advent 1'st and we are (finally) going to decorate our apartment, make saffron buns and play Christmas music a little too loud!!! We're also going to take a walk in the beautiful sunny weather and look for crazy decorations and ornaments to bring home to really make it glow and buzz of X-mas-cosyness! (What has happened to me? I LOVE THIS! haha)

Need some X-mas inspiration? I'm going crazy at Pinterest at the moment (of course). 

Warm hugs