Finally it's time to introduce my new website; Cilantro Studios – my portfolio and the main platform I will use to document my work-in-progress-projects and also gather material that inspires me! (See Moodboard)

So, why the name CILANTRO STUDIOS? 
Cilantro (also known as Coriander) is one of my absolute favorite herbs in cooking! Also, I find the name (in Spanish) to be over-the-top beautiful, both in typing and speech! I felt I had to use it somehow! 
I early on decided that for my website I didn't want to use my own name as the domain, for two reasons; 1) "Liljenberg" is pretty hard to pronounce if you're not Swedish, and I would love to get som international cooperations as well, 2) My interest for fashion and branding made me urge for a name that could also "work as a brand". Well... Cilantro was definitely a name on top of that list! 
The follow up came naturally, since the word "Studio" means "A place for development of different types of art" and that felt just perfect, since wherever I decide to work with my visual communication (my artistry) is my "studio". I felt the name suited me perfectly, so that's that!

So, welcome to CILANTRO STUDIOS - my world and my work. I hope you find something you like and if you would like to contact me for collaboration, don't hesitate to say Hello