I'm so excited for this upcoming project in school; EDITORIAL DESIGN. I'm going to make my very own magazine!!

At the moment there are thousands thoughts in my mind and I don't know really where to begin the process, but I'm passionate about this and will work my ass of to make a great project, worthy to put in the portfolio!

We had a wonderful morning at Stockholm Graphics today where we talked about magazines, layout and design and also saw some great, inspiring work from both the agency but also future students who have also made this project previous years at Berghs.
(Got goose bumps when we got to see the behind the scenes material behind this work they've done for the Royal Opera House in Stockholm!) 

Bild från Operans magasin, produktion av Stockholm Graphics

Bild från Operans magasin, produktion av Stockholm Graphics


So... what subject to choose?  
At the moment I*m thinking about FILM, a big passion of mine. I think the movie scene is a fabulous adventure, always upcoming and exploring - and according to me, movies are absolutely best to view on cinema! (BTW. Going with some friends tonight to (finally) watch Beauty and the Beast. SUPER EXCITED! Loving all of these live action remakes of the Disney Classics)

Film is a subject I'm both passionate about and I think I could make really cool designs with both typography and images! And the magazine you get at SF today is (sorry to say it) kinda boring in its design. It's very informative and suitable for a large target group, but mine will be more modern, timeless and for the geeks. Haha! 

What do you think of a new, modern, inspiring movie/film magazine? 

My classmates and I will have a small exhibition with all our magazines at Taverna Brillo in May.

Hope to see you there!