At the moment we're studying Motion Design and the ongoing brief/project is the most fun I've had since I started at Berghs! It's amazing how much energy you can get from working with a project! 

Tuesday was our "production day" which meant it was fully scheduled almost to the minute, but everything went on smoothly and beyond expectations! We created our own world and it was amazing to see how everything we've had visualised came together for real in front of us.

We've now startred editing the material and it's better than I though it could be. I'm so impressed by my group and our idea and production. I'm working with an amazing group of girls in my class that I've never worked with before and we are having so much fun and so many great ideas. Team work at its best! We have lots to do before presentation next week but it will be so great to watch the final material take form... I'm so excited to show what we're working on, but for now it's still a secret! 

Lots of smiles