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Thoughts, projects and diary by Lisa Liljenberg

Thoughts, projects and diary by Lisa Liljenberg



Although my schedule is packed since I'm working on the final touch on my magazine (exhibition next week may 3'rd at Taverna Brillo for anyone who's interested) I successfully squeezed in my very good friend Nathalie into my Thursday! Time for photoshoot! 

Nathalie is an amazing illustrator and artist, creating sweet and imaginative illustrations mainly making fashion/beauty/portraits. Her dear friend Anna joined as a model. Anna has the most amazing alien-beauty and is very photogenic – a pleasure to work with in front of the camera! 

We put off a couple of hours today to take pictures for our portfolios, with focus on a new product by Nathalie! Keep your eyes open for the pictures!

Take a closer look at my friends work: nathalieannagill.com