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Thoughts, projects and diary by Lisa Liljenberg

Thoughts, projects and diary by Lisa Liljenberg



I'm just sooooooo excited for December and my upcoming internship at one of my favourite companies of all time: Oscar Properties.

I had a meeting with their CMO Micaela in the beginning of September and got such a good impression of the company. I've been following them closely for over a year, always impressed by their work. I know from earlier experiences that companies can let you down, showing a fasade that is way too polished and therefor not realistic to the company itself. But this was the opposite of that. I felt that what they communicate is indeed what they are. It was a nice feeling and what was even better was the feeling of they appreciating me – not as free manpower, but as a creative and valuable team member. 

So, in December I'm going to work with the marketing team for three weeks, developing the Oscar Properties brand. 


Many have asked me why I chose Oscar Properties. Not everyone has heard of them and many know me for being very into the fashion industry – not real estates.... (!?)
Well there was several reasons I wanted to make my internship here...

1) I want to be inspired during my internship and work with a company that has a vision and a belief that I can relate to and share.

2) I want to develop my insight for brand development and marketing.

3) I want to work in-house and not at a design/communication agency. In-house I can help the company in their development and see the change as it goes instead of working with various clients every week. 

4) I needed a break from the fashion industry. For real. I've done fashion in one way or another for the last 9 years. I definitely feel I have a great insight in the business and that I can go back to it when I want to. But for now, I want to try something else and use the experiences I've got from Berghs School of Communication.