The city of romance, fashion, bridges, champagne and croissants... Yesterday I came back home to Stockholm after 5 days in the beloved city of Paris, France! What can I say except I love the city and I loved spending it with the man of my dreams.

This was my third time in Paris, but my first (of many) as an adult. It was great weather this weekend and spring has really touched Paris. The entire city was full of joy and energy! People where outside having lunch or a glass of wine, they went out for a jog or for walking their dogs, they played boule in the small parks, bought flowers and kept the bakeries working hard to provide everyone with fresh baguettes and croissants! Wherever you looked you saw a backpack or a purse with a baguette sticking out of it! It was amazing! Paris surrounded us with love.


We practically walked everywhere since we lived in a central neighborhood, La Marais (AirBnB thank you). We have done and seen so much! Paris is BIG! We have walked hand in hand through most parts of the cities, eating pain au chocolate in Monmarte, taking selfies by Le Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and of course the Eiffel Tower. We've seen Seine, vintage boutiques and parks. We had crepes in Le Jardin du Luxembourg, we checked out the tower of Montparnasse, we had a coffee by Moulin Rouge and saw the entire city viewed from the top by Sacré-Cœur. 
And, creme de la creme... had some shopping at Chanel, 31 Rue Cambon. Finally saw the stairs and the place where it all began.. That was a big moment and I'm happy to have a little souvenir back home. 

I sure hope to go back soon.

Au revoir!