I'm trying step by step to think and act towards sustainability and minimum waste. This is a topic that really gets me going and I believe it's something everyone should value... everyone can do a little something.
Thankfully this is also something my partner finds interesting and valuable which means we can inspire each other to make sustainable choises! 

Here are some simple things we've made that I can really recommend. It not only does good, it feels good!

  • Change all the lunch boxes from plastic to glass
  • Sort the garbage in plastic, glass, metal, paper and preferably also food waste
  • Reduce the wardrobes regularly, donate or sell things you no longer use
  • Buy wearables made in Europe, preferably made of ecological and/or natural materials -- preferably without synthetics
  • Eat vegetarian food
  • Read on about the brands you consume to find out what they do to do good (pertinent to their matter) 
The Guppy Friend Washing Bag

The Guppy Friend Washing Bag

At the moment in school we're talking a lot about brands and how they want to communicate their image and how we as consumers perceive it. For me, the subject above is both very interesting, relevant and important and I know I'm not the only one thinking so. I value brands who work with sustainability in mind. Some favorites are Filippa K, Rodebjer and Muji who all are taking stands in the matter of minimalism, recycling and choice of material. I get constantly amazed about how these and many other brands find new innovative ways to show their cause! 
A couple of days ago I saw this amazing product "Guppy Friend Bag" that Filippa K now is reseller of. The brand and product is from Germany and is preventing the micro plastic waste in our oceans when we wash synthetic textiles. I want one! Also, yesterday we made a great new purchase that I can really recommend; New toothbrushes from "The Humble Co"! It's a Swedish product made of eco-bamboo, totally vegan and non-plastic. Also, every Humble purchase goes towards funding a project for children in need of oral care. I love this! 

I could go on and on about this subject. But I want to round off this post with asking you who actually took your time to read this, if you have any tip on products, brands or things one can to for more sustainable choices, please comment below and let me know! 

Thank you!

The Humble Brush

The Humble Brush