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Thoughts, projects and diary by Lisa Liljenberg

Thoughts, projects and diary by Lisa Liljenberg



April 7'th was a day of sorrow, chock and anger - but also a day of hope, solidarity and strength. Stockholm was the victim of a terror attack that scared us to the core, but it did not make us weak. I was both glad and proud to see how well people took care of each other, how well our police, fire department and healthcare handled the situation, how fantastic the staff at my school took care of everything and kept their calm. Actually, I was happily surprised about how calm people was during these hours of chaos, focusing on taking care of each other instead of panicking... 

My thought are with the families and loved ones to the victims in this horrible happening. I hope, with all my heart, that the one/ones behind the attack will be caught.

Yesterday was a day that really went under your skin....
I was at school, working with an amazing event called "Career Day" - - where students had the chance to speed date with 42 agencies from Sthlm within ad, communication, design and event. The energy was on top and everyone was happy and excited. We were hundreds of people with one great interest in common, sharing it and our visions during a couple of intense hours. Then everything stopped... 

It feels weird to now be sitting here by the computer, trying to study. Trying to focus on something so small and insignificant as the choice of the right font or color for your work.... But still, I think of yesterday and the hours that went by before the horrific news hit us at 3 PM.
Those hours, when all of us were gathered at Berghs, celebrating the world and our work within communication and having fun sharing our thoughts and ideas. It was fun. It was really great. And it got me excited about what I do and about what I'm learning in school. 

So with that in mind, I will try to do my best this weekend and actually do some studying. With the love for Stockholm, Sweden, the people around me and the great power of communication in mind.