This summer I took the opportunity to enjoy what might be my very last (I think) summer break! August 15'th my studies at Berghs School of Communication will start again and I will begin my second and last year of Communication Design. I look forward to it.
10 weeks off has been truly great for me, like a huge long snooze from being productive and using your head for creative ideas. Just taking time off, sleeping, reading, watching movies, drinking beer... Simply storing up on plenty of energy for the upcoming year in school! Now I feel a growing hunger for learning and working creative again. And it feels great! 

As a finish line for the summer (and an insight that I'm ready to start working with creative projects again) I will make a music video for Californian artist TTilawok. I'm truly looking forward to it. We're gonna make a fashion inspired video that is surrealistic in a warm, fuzzy and indistinct way... like that sweet buzz you can get from Prosecco in the late summer nights...  
I'm taking the opportunity to work with the beautiful model Paulina Munter (picture) who I scouted in 2014! It's going to be so much fun! 
This Sunday we are shooting everything in Stockholm and I will spend August trying to put it all together! Keep your eyes open!