Now the exhibition of #tomorrownightinsweden is down. It's been so much fun to be a part of! I was excited to really dive into my own work, take my time and make something of my own... and I'm very happy with the result and thankful for having so many people there to look at the exhibition. Thanks everyone!

The brief was to make a personal interpretation of what future Swedish design would look like.

Based on my interests, I wanted to focus on fashion as my area of design, so I had two main thoughts running through my head:
1) What IS SWEDEN known for?
Our nature, our sustainable thinking, minimalism and functionalism. 
2) What is SWEDISH FASHION known for?
Minimalism, raw materials and clean cuts? Filippa K, H&M, Acne Studios etc.

So... I wanted to combine these things (nature, sustainability, minimalistic fashion) in a new and innovative way. I wanted to illustrate something that perhaps can be made in the future.
I mean, 10 years ago we had no idea that we in 2017 would make beautiful fabrics of used PET bottles and now H&M collects plastics from the oceans, making amazing sustainable collections made from a material we never thought would be possible to make wearables of! But we are there now. In our mind, in our technology and with our innovation. So where can we be in 10 years from now? What's the most unthinkable material to make wearables of, today?

I wanted to create a bag of paper to illustrate that the idea of making wearables in paper is not impossible. All we need is time to get there...
I wanted the illusion of leather – to show that other materials could be just as beautiful (and don't forget it's vegan friendly and good to our animal friends). It's also way more water resourceful than all the cotton that is used daily in the fashion industry.

Check out more about the bag and the process HERE!