We are now two weeks in at Berghs (year 2) and I'm so happy to be able to do Communication Design in this school for one more year... My routines are coming back to me and I'm excited about the classes we have. Over all, it feels good... 

At the moment we are working towards a real client (which I really appreciate since it's "getting real") trying to find a new identity and communication for them. It's tricky and difficult and lots of fun! 

Step 1 was research; something I think many designers such as myself needs to be better at (at least my class does haha). So this step was interesting, well spent time that really took some energy out of us! We spent days looking up information about the client and product, trying to figure out the target group etc. This is not a favorite step of mine but I realize how important it is and I'm really looking forward to the design process of this project since I think the research part will have a huge impact on the result!

Step 2 is insight; this is where we're at today. We are trying to find out the core - the essence - of the brand and its values. This is what we are going to try to communicate in our later process. One step I enjoy to do is the SWOT. Not only useful for companies and brand, but also for any individual. Perhaps especially at the time when looking for a new job. 
Strenght, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. The first two are internal (about the brand or say yourself) and the last two external (competition or the environment in general). 

Time to get to work! 
/ L