The first week of my internship at The Forumist has already come to an end!!! It has been fun, intense and very long days here at the office at Sveavägen in Stockholm, and the hours are flying by every day. We have a lot to do since the summer issue is due to press soon and at the same time there are existing clients and new ones to inspire with well written presentations and cool imagery! But one thing is for sure; you do learn a lot! 

My internship will last for 4 weeks and is for my education at Berghs School of Communication. I believe that going out in the work environment, trying out your new skills and also proving a real company with your knowledge and creativity is such a good tool in the education. And I'm very happy about the fact that we have yet another internship period of 3 weeks in December! 

Now I'm going to prepare for a relaxed Friday evening (truly deserved). 

Go and take a look at my current workplace: