Me and my amazing class mates are at the moment working on a project called #tomorrownightinsweden; An exhibition exploring the future of Swedish design. The exhibition is hosted by Designgalleriet between March 20th and 24th and inspired by Visit Sweden’s work on the new Swedish National Design Strategy Programme. Make sure you'll be there! 

I'm so excited about this, in part since it's my very first exhibition! Also, my work will play with the thoughts of new thinking and sustainable design that's not yet created, asking the question "what will the future bring us?" – something I find very fascinating.

My focus is (perhaps not so surprising) on the fashion industry. It's both challenging and so much fun to work on something completely on your own, something you are passionate about!

Make sure to book the date March 20'th in your calendar! Attend our event at Facebook and we'll meet at the opening! Also, follow us on Instagram for teasers!