I'm very grateful for this one class we have this last term at Berghs called YOU. We are searching through ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our passions etc. We are going through our portfolio more carefully and deciding what needs more work and, well, what's "YOU". Not only is it exciting to research yourself but it's also super fun to follow the class mates and their process. Everyone is going through the same thing and it feels nice and very real and honest. I like it. 
This process is perfect to do now when it's only a few months left until landing a new great job!

I'm especially happy because one of the main inspiration sources for this class is from one of my prior inspirer – Simon Sinek. I started following Simon's youtube channel about a year ago and found it super inspiring! I've recently listened through his first book "Start With Why" on Storytel and now I'm half way through "Leaders Eat Last"... I can truly recommend these books. 

Here are some things I've found out are my passions and skills. I like to see it written down and well, why not share things you like or that you are proud of? 

  • Imagination/Visualising 
  • Films/Movies
  • Sustainability
  • Brand Building
  • Concept/Ideas
  • Photography/Film photography
  • Team Building
  • Organisation
  • Idea generation
  • Lead/Managing roles
  • Presentations
  • Female rights and equality 
  • Animation

    Looking forward to see where this project will lead!