A friend of mine, Sara Andersson, has started the organisation Unite 2 Learn – which purpose is to promote education, sexual and reproductive health, as well as health and sanitation in Tanzania. I'm so impressed by her hard work and the amazing changes she makes with this project and I want to support this project as much as possible! I told her I'd like to help in any way I can to develop their organisation, and she was happy to let me in to review the graphics work and marketing aspects. This is an amazing opportunity to use what I've learned at Berghs and also to keep my creativity and strategy going, and for a good cause! 

logo_orange_svart [Converted].png

We started out with some strategy work, analyzing the industry of INGO's and how U2L will stand out with their message. We've discussed the core of the brand and found some great keywords. We've also discussed and started working on their visual language, such as typography, images, icons, colours etc.

Keep your eyes open to see the change! 

For now, go visit their website! And put Unite 2 Learn on your memory, they will do great things! 💛