– Art Director and Visual Designer

App design by Lisa Liljenberg

First app by Lisa Liljenberg. Made in Sketch and Flinto. 

One week UX/UI project at Berghs School of Communication


Create a wiki within an optional field and design your own app for it. Design user flow, wireframe, interface and prototype. Account for basic concepts in digital typography and explain how technology and function are reflected in it. Apply typographical principles in different digital situations.


Vintage shopping is both fun and environmental friendly and has over the years become more trendy than hippie. What's not yet on the market is an app which collects all vintage shops in big cities globally on a simple map in a user-friendly way, gathering necessary information and contacts.


Your ultimate map-app. A simple but classy app "collecting all vintage shops in one place." The design is made to appeal both women and men and to feel trendy and conscious – not cheap. My goal was to learn the basics in Sketch and Flinto and create something likeable and easy to understand. 

Lisa Liljenberg_mockup-app
Lisa Liljenberg_app_typography
Lisa Liljenberg_mockup-app_map
Lisa Liljenber_app_colorpalette

Prototype (before the last update)


Programs used in this project

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator