Other Work

Other work by Lisa Liljenberg



A two day project at Berghs, not made for or by H&M, where I worked with Sukena Tran and developed a concept and campaign idea where H&M cooperates with popular drag queens for healthier female body ideals, to support organisations within HBTQ to increase awareness and acceptance.


I made this a visual artwork and music video for the track "Without Attending From Cope" by TTilawok aiming to make something just as abstract as the music itself – where every frame is aesthetically appealing.
I was inspired by dreams, fashion, romance and sorrow and wanted to create a calm, yet slightly disturbed, world where we follow a young woman who falls asleep under the trees and goes from one place to another, where nothing and everything seems to have purpose to her.

— Winner of "Best Design" —

In only 13 hours we were challenged to come up with an idea, new identity, campaign and presentation for Arboga Driving School to recruit new customers to the intensive courses from other locations in Sweden (mainly Stockholm). Our idea was to communicate the possibilities of having a drivers licence instead of the process of taking it! We chose to rebrand the company by re-using the traffic signs from the old logo into a modern and playful pattern to be used in communication. This case was made in benefit to Musikhjälpen 2017. Together; client, students and Berghs donated over 150'000 SEK to the organisation, working to help and protect children within sex trade/trafficking/abuse.

Lisa Liljenberg_Arboga_website


Our idea was to reposition the classic business hotel Crowne Plaza into a central business hub for millennials with interest for entrepreneurship and networking. By including sustainable thinking and digital solutions our concepts based on “CONNECtioN” makes it easy to visit, stay, work, spend time and connect. 


Together with Lisa Berström and Madeleine Richter we developed an idea for the Canadian insurance company Sonnet on how they could address more millennials. Our research showed that over 80% of millennials prioritize travelling above investing in a new house or a car (the main focus of Sonnet Insurances). In that spirit, we created a concept where Sonnet picks up the customer in that moment of happy feelings and excigtement – when they're about to travel. Our idea was to integrate the insurance company with Uber in order so simplify the registration ✈️


Typography and layout course where the challenge was to make a print piece by using two texts; "The Crystal Goblet" – by Beatrice Warde (1932) and "Fuck Content" – by Michael Rock (2009). My idea was to make a coffee table magazine with bold typography and a colourful index, where quotes from Michael Rock’s text makes statements which provokes the text by Beatrice Warde. All images is © copyright to the talented Vanessa Mckeown. I chose these images to give a powerful and playful appearance to the texts.

— Winner of "Best Campaign" —

The challenge was to create a City Bikes advertising campaign in one week to be visible throughout Stockholm in 2017 in order to bring attention to this popular and environmentally friendly product to make it more well-known. Our concept was based on that the period of time (April 1'st and October 31'st) equals 214 days and that if it should be appealing to a broad target group of different people and personalities (both tourists and residents in Stockholm) it should be promoted by the same people. We wanted a concept that would be both personal and inviting, including personal stories/quotes from users to appeal to new users. The campaign was live in Stockholm for 6 months.


In May 2017 we had an exhibition with Stockholm Design Gallery and Visit Sweden. Our exhibition #tomorrownightinsweden was based on creating own interpretations of what Swedish design might become in the future. My interest for sustainability and fashion brought my thoughts to new materials. I then made a "leather bag" in paper and created a plexi print of year rings to show that it takes time before we reach a technology that can design our Swedish resource paper into a sustainable and useful material for fashion and design.

Paper Bag_LisaLiljenberg
Year Rings Plexi Art_Lisa Liljenberg