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UNLMTD by Lisa Liljenberg

Concept, product and campaign idea for NIKE where the idea was to launch a protein bar made by insect protein to make a positive environmental impact and a sustainable statement. Made by Lisa Liljenberg, Hedda Broman, Denice Olsson Galli, Filip Larsson, Nicholas Sjöberg and Charlotte Illemann.


SEI (Stockholm Environmental Institute) came to Berghs School of Communication In December 2016 with a brief based on the UN 12'th global goals "Sustainable consumption and production". The challenge was to choose a brand and support three values at the same time:

● Revenue or good reputation for the brand
● Consumer benefit
● Sustainable consumption and/or production

My group got to work with FOOD. Our choice of brand was NIKE. 


The most major climate issue in the food industry is the production of protein and the target group with the highest protein intake are those who exercise. To appeal to this specific target group we wanted an attractive global brand that is both future thinking when it comes to innovation and climate impact. That company was NIKE. Although NIKE has nothing to do with the food industry we figured that it would make sense for them to launch a protein bar.

Insect protein is still rather unknown but has several benefits. It has a high amount of protein (more than beef) and is extremely climate friendly. 2 billion people worldwide (mainly in South America, Africa and Asia) are already eating insects as a source to protein, but to make a global impact we need to reach the Western world.


"Introduce insect protein in an attractive way; through a protein bar by NIKE, named UNLMTD."

Myself, Hedda Broman, Denice Olsson Galli, Filip Larsson, Nicholas Sjöberg, Charlotte Illemann.


Billboard example

Billboard example

Billboard example with slogan and influencer Lebron James

Billboard example with slogan and influencer Lebron James

Product Design

Product Design


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